About Us

About us

Sentry Funding is the UK’s first litigation portal that provides solicitors with a variety of benefits to help them process litigation cases and win new business.

We operate a SaaS platform, CLAS, that uses sophisticated technology to provide the following benefits, amongst others, to solicitors free of charge;

• Encrypted and secure 24/7 second factor authentication access
• Bespoke editable compliance report
• Access to the largest panel of litigation funders & ATE providers on one platform;
• A panel of funders whose criteria can fund all case types – From £10k to millions
• Sophisticated algorithm supplying a funding and/or ATE decision in minutes
• DIP certificate stating that the client has been accepted for funding and/or ATE
• An electronic trading file that operates within a regulation ready process
• Generic processing so a case can be flipped to another funder at any time
• 15-day service standard from submission to funding agreement and/or ATE policy

CLAS is encrypted to the highest standards and uses second-factor authentication for users to access the portal. We provide users with either a biometric fingerprint scanner or a mobile pin number application that runs in tandem with their unique username and password.

When all the compliance tools are used together the solicitor can produce a comprehensive report, for their client, that demonstrates that the solicitor has completed a full analysis of the merits of the claim(s) at the beginning of the litigation. The completed report will undoubtedly help the solicitor win new business.